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The London bar scene is dusting itself down and emerging fighting fit ready for the new year with some truly outlandish cocktail creations. These are some the maddest ingredients we've seen in a while so get ready to treat your tastebuds to something new.

A range of new cocktails that will be served in the downstairs bar for the year ahead. Headed up by co-owners Mia Johansson and Bobby Hiddleston, but with input and creations from across the team, it will be the biggest shake up of the menu since the bar launched two years ago. We've been. We've tasted them. We liked them. 


DOMINO (Rich) - Vibrant, buttery and with rich notes of cacao this cocktail combines Green Spot Irish whiskey, macadamia, liquroice root, lemon and egg white

Using beautiful and striking illustrations from Sara Stode the menu will be split in to four distinct sections designed to guide guests on the style and flavour profile of the cocktails: Bright, Delicate, Stiff and Rich. ‘Delicate’ features light flavoured ingredients such as cucumber and blossom flowers, alongside fresh linen and... dragonflies (yep - us either), whilst ‘Bright’ packs some punchy flavours such as chilli and citrus fruit, with bold colours. Progressing through the menu, ‘Stiff’ nods to boozier, stirred down drinks with cigar smoke and a dramatic landscape, whilst ‘Rich’ depicts the decadence of heavier style cocktails with chocolate, cherries and a lipstick kiss.


CORAL REEF (Bright) - Long and fruity with an earthy note, this cocktail mixes ginseng, Havana 3 rum with kumquat, lime and Chambord compote

(Photo credit: Jason Bailey)

Madison rooftop is bringing a taste of Tiki to the City, with their new cocktail menu. Situated smack bang in the middle of the capital with views over St Paul's, the team have traded winter blues for tropical tiki vibes, with a sophisticated twist.


CAN YOU HURRYBerries Vodka, cranberry juice, passion fruit puree, maraschino, grapefruit bitters, lemon juice and gomme syrup

As a rooftop bar inspired by those of Manhattan, Madison has always paid homage to New York trends and this time around, the team have taken on the sophisticated versions of Tiki classics currently taking Manhattan by storm. Taking classic Tiki-inspired drinks such as the Hurricane and Mai Tai and using an inspired blend of house favourite spirits, tropical flavours and fresh fruit, the team at Madison Rooftop have transformed world renowned classic cocktails and iconic New York beverages into Tiki temptations, primed for London to enjoy this winter.


JVD FASHIONED - Maker's Mark washed coconut, homemade pineapple syrup, orange bitter and cherry juice

Their new cocktail list is peppered with bespoke elements and carefully concocted cordials, aromatics and tinctures that represent the townhouse’s fictional ‘proprietor’ - the wicked uncle Seymour. The list follows his adventures and escapades across Europe (he'd better get his skates on).


CHAMOMILE MARTINI - Chamomile gin, extra dry vermouth with a lemon twist

Inspired by old apothecary recipes, the unique ingredients at Seymour’s Parlour include an extravagant Champagne liqueur created for a cocktail in honour of an appointment with a duchy; and orris-inspired “powdered notes” for a drink in homage to Seymour’s friend Tom Rakewell. 


TURF CLUB - Old Tom gin, Dubonnet, grape reduction, Peruvian bitters and grass

Their new menu has a Spotify playlist concept or "Shrubify" as they're calling it. Every page is a different genre compilation album, with drinks to match the vibe (Folk and Country for Whiskey, Gin and Vodka for Pop etc). Guests can choose according to their mood, favourite spirit or opt to "shuffle", where they'll be surprised with a drink of your choosing tailored to your tastes. 


CRUSTACEAN SENSATION - Lime-buttered Salcombe Gin & Verde Momento Mezcal, lobster shell reduction, parsley bitters, hickory, smoked Whisky rinse and topped with champagne


MON CRAVAT - El Dorado 3 year old, Trois Rivieres Blanc, Plantation 5 year old, Soursop falernum, kalamansi and lime

The new drinks will sit alongside an 'Old Skool Classics' section, where you'll find the likes of big favourites from the previous menu like the Clarified Pina Colada. Phew. 
(Photo credit : Media Wisdom photographers)

Introducing ‘Foundations’ - this puppy, at its heart, is a celebration of hospitality the world over, in every colour, shape, size and building.

Whether you’re a family-run East-end caf' that’s been alive for a century, a bar high in the sky in Tokyo, a debaucherous party bar that is essentially the ‘cloud storage system for misplaced memories’, an old icon or a modern day cornerstone, this menu is their salute to all of you.


ATTENDEZ LA CREME! - Chamomile-infused  Jack Daniel's, white chocolate soya milk, raisin bread & honey sherbet and egg white

You can expect the lavishly garnished creations that we're used to seeing from CTC and some that don't even look like drinks at all!


AMERICAN PIE - Zubrowka vodka, bramley apple puree, cinnamon sherbet, Rumchata

Continuing their tradition of classically inspired cocktails with a twist, the new menu is an eclectic mix of tasty and exquisite drinks inspired by the favourite serves of the team.


A KICK IN THE HEAD - Gin, bergamot aperitif, velvet falernum, citrus & Umbrella Brewing sparkling cider

The clever bunch of cocktail-namers in this late-night establishment have definitely not let us down... A Kick In The Head, joins the likes of Deal Or No Deal, Banarama and Wooly Back - we'll let you know when we work out the theme. 


PANDORA - Cognac, amaro, passion fruit, citrus & Tiki bitters