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Kakuzo Earl Grey Tea Infused Vodka at The Espresso Martini Experiment

An unusual twist for your Espresso Martini - this new product is so delicious...

70cl / 40%
A classically styled vodka that has been infused with a blend of Earl Grey tea that is unique to Kakuzo. Using carefully selected tea leaves, from Japan, China and India, alongside aromatic bergamot oil, this vodka is pleasantly spicy, with notes of caramel and honey alongside that classic Earl Grey citrus edge. Serve warm to let the tea’s aromas fully unfold.


Three types of tea are combined in the individual blend: Sencha from Japan, Keemun from China and Assam from India. It is pleasantly spicy, with hints of caramel, blending harmoniously with notes of honey and aromatic citrus. By carefully filtering and distilling the spirit several times, they have arrived at the combination of silky texture and exceptional taste. The secret of Kakuzo is the blend and extraction time of the tea on the one hand, and the temperature and volume % of vodka during the production process on the other hand.
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