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Black Cow Vodka at The Espresso Martini Experiment

A vodka made from milk!? Perfectly creamy for an Espresso Martini.

70cl / 40%
Black Cow was the world's first vodka to be made entirely from milk. Made in West Dorset, in the proximity of Bridport, the milk is separated in curds and whey. The curds are used to make cheese, of which one is Barber's 1833 Cheddar, which won the 2012 World Cheese Awards Cheddar Trophy. The whey is then fermented and distilled to make the vodka. The texture is, somewhat unsurprisingly, rather creamy.


Whey has historically been the problem child of the dairy industry. There is an excess produced in the cheese making process. The team behind this vodka take this under-valued by-product and turn it into a superior premium vodka and they take great pride in the economical use of nature's bounty. Black Cow is the perfect partner for pairing with food. The mineral-free nature of our vodka gives it an incredible softness that holds delicate flavours beautifully.
TASTE : Sweet vanilla on the nose, deliciously creamy and clean with a hot cinnamon finish on the palate. 

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