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VERITAS WHITE RUM at The Daiquiri Experiment

A beautifully clean rum from esteemed distiller Richard Seale. At 47% this is a strong contender for your Daiquiri.

70cl / 47%
An absolutely delicious rum, created from a blend of Coffey column still rum from Foursquare and pot still rum from Hampden. Absolutely nothing else has been added and this has not been filtered.


Produced at the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, Veritas is a collaboration between three industry greats: Richard Seale’s Foursquare, Hampden Estate and Velier. A blend of traditional Coffey Still and Pot Still rums from Foursquare and Hampden, Veritas challenges perceptions of what a ‘White Rum’ is, and how it can taste. Perfectly distilled and blended, this rum has a great aroma and layers of complexity without any filtration or added sugars.

TASTE : Buttercream icing, banana cream, Golden Delicious apples and dried pineapple on the nose. Fresh and intensely fruity with a background of whipped cream. Spicy and oily notes develop, along with green leaves. Soft, sweet and fruity on the palate. The pineapple from the nose returns, along with freshly sliced pineapple, overripe bananas, white-wine-poached pears, pear drops and white chocolate. Darker notes of warm engines, liquorice, clove and woody spice develops. The finish is buttery to start, with dark caramel and clove building slowly. Butterscotch and mint linger.