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Fancy staying in a hotel with draft beer in every room, shower beer fridges and a craft beer museum? Well you're in luck, as BrewDog has just announced it's plans to bring the UK's first craft beer hotel 'the DogHouse' to London.

Not satisfied by taking the craft beer scene by storm with their brewery and pub chain, BrewDog have now announced plans to bring their super hoppy hotel, the DogHouse, to the UK... beer-lovers rejoice!

Already a hit in the States, their first hotel in Ohio, which opened last summer and is adjacent to their brewery, has been fully booked since they opened. Guests have been raving about the draft beer you can pour for yourself whilst enjoying views over the barrels, shower-beer fridges (yes that's a thing) and craft beer museum where you can swat up on your cheeky brew knowledge before exploring the city.

The search is on for a spot in the capital that they can convert into this hop-tastic hotel, which will no doubt become a popular pit stop for exploring all the awesome pubs, breweries and more that London has to offer. Just like the American DogHouse, the London site will boast all the same beer-iffic features and hopefully some added extras - there was a jokey hint at a Punk IPA jacuzzi.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the DogHouse that you'll want to intentionally be in.