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We DrinkUp with Little Red Door and preview their new cocktail menu

Little Red Door, the award-winning Parisian Bar, situated in the heart of the third arrondissement is popping up in London this weekend. Currently placed as one of the World’s 50 Best Bars, this is one not to be missed! They'll be joining the team at one of our favourite Marylebone bars, FAM... slinging out some delicious cocktails from their new menu to give Londoners a chance to try their drinks without having to travel to bon Paris. Ahead of their visit, we chatted to Rory Shepherd, their Group Bar Manager to find out what's what and take a look at some of the delicious drinks on their new menu.

We’re super excited to have Little Red Door popping up at one of our favourite bars, Fam, next weekend. Why did you pick Fam?

We picked FAM for a few reasons. We really want to support neighbourhood bars, because LRD in our eyes has always been a neighbourhood bar with an international crew. It's a home and hub whether you live round the corner or round the world and these people are our FAM. Also Megs & Rhys have a very warm place in our hearts. I worked with Rhys 4/5 years ago before I split to Paris and he to Happiness. There he met my mate Oli Cush who has worked with me since the early teeth cutting days in London and now is one of our big assets at LRD along with Louis Lebaillif who was a finalist in the Chivas global last year, where it was love at first sight for him and Rhys. 

Tell us about your new menu, what’s the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind it is the eclectic mix of guests and staff we have. We ourselves purposely choose a team that are multi-cultural, we believe we can learn from peoples worldly experiences. Each team member makes a drink and has to research into a culture they don't know about, sometimes the language may be the native language of one of the other team members which means you have your own personal adviser. It makes for a bonding and exciting creative environment.

What’s the one drink we have to try when we come to the pop-up?

Flaner (French): Served in a wine glass straight from a wine bottle with no garnish and no frills. To 'Flaner' means to wander aimlessly without a care in the world, almost invisible, soaking in your surroundings. I gave this word to Oli because at the time he was starting to find his feat in Paris, starting to explore the city and wine culture. It seemed a perfect way to get him embracing the city and oh my word he has! 
What exciting things can you tell us about what's happening on the Paris drinks scene at the moment?

Paris is opening up more and more when it comes to the way we eat & drink. It's my belief that Paris had such a loyal sense of tradition when it comes to this that made them almost hold back and see the lay of the land before opening up to new ideas. Now we are on that wave and round every corner is an amazing natural wine shop, forward thinking restaurants, cocktail bars with people from all round the globe serving in them. The diversity has grown vastly in such a short amount of time, its very exciting. Next thing that needs to happen is cocktails being seen as not just a late-night affair in a dark room, but look towards it being included in such sacred hours as lunch and aperitif. I believe London is really nailing this and it won't be long until Paris does too with a couple of great places already doing so. We renovated LRD a little and this reason was a part of it. We wanted more light, more freshness. Our flavours are subtle and light, they always suited a light environment so we wanted the space to reflect this but still remain a cosy hideaway when the night falls. 

Where else in the world can we expect to see you guys popping up this year?

We have a number of trips in the pipeline as well as some cool events we are planning. We've already done Macau, Barcelona & Athens. Next up we have London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico City, New York and plenty more! 

If you can't wait until this weekend, then here's a sneak peek at their new menu - 'A Way With Words'...

A feeling of self-freshness. The purity and ritual of cleanliness.
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Why is the sky blue? Why are strawberries red? Why does that person keep asking questions?!
undefinedStrawberry leaf Belvedere, strawberry wine, strawberry moo juice Russian. 

Strolling along by the sea, breathing in the warm sunset air, digesting a lovely meal, being with each other.
undefinedAll day amaro, bubbles Italian.

The sense of seasons to come, the first scent of cut grass, bees collecting nectar, leaves turning to amber
undefinedMonkey Shoulder, seasonal tea, rice wine, terroir Japanese.