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Hendrick's Gin Launches A Tini Martini Trolley At The London Edition

Hendrick's Gin have teamed up with the London EDITION to launch their new Tini Martini trolley - making room service a tini bit sexier...

In a tale of both epic - and miniature - proportions, the unusualists over at Hendrick's Gin and the talented hoteliers of the London EDITION are heroing the most sophisticated of drinks, the martini, by launching the diminuitively delightful Tini Martini Trolley within the hotel's unbeatable beautiful suites.
For guests staying in any of the eight suites at the luxury five-star hotel, they will be treated to their very own Tini Martini Trolley. Complete with a medley of minature trimmings, tools, garnishes and glassware, as well as a video tutorial 'A Tale of Tini Proportions', which will show you how to whip up your own perfect martini to enjoy in your robe.