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Rum Month around the UK

It’s not just Rum Month in London – Rum Month is for EVERYONE and so we’ve pulled together the very best bars around the country that are also serving up delicious BACARDI specials to celebrate this brilliant month!

Leeds is focussing on the Daiquiri this Rum Month!
Not only running their own Black Taxi Tours on Thursday 18th July (which you can enter to win a place on here and enjoy a drink for each of these bars on us!) but all the bars taking part are also keeping their special Daiquiris on the menu all week long for the super duper price of just £6. Leeds-Leeds-Leeds! 

The original and best! We love Mojo!
To celebrate Daiquiri Day they’ll be serving three different options to choose from – A Daiquiri Naturel, a Papa Doble and a Raspberry Daiquiri. All priced at £6 and available from 15th – 21st July. 
The Box
An enormous, fun-packed, late night venue with a shuffle board and a sound system to suit whatever night you’re heading out for!
To celebrate Daiquiri day – there’s three to choose from – a Pear & Passionfruit Daiquiri, a Mango Daiquiri and a Miami Daiquiri. All priced at £6 and available from 15th – 21st July.
An understated speakeasy kinda bar in the heart of Call Lane.
They’re focusing on classics for Daiquiri Day and the options are either a Classic Daiquiri, a Hemingway Daiquiri or a Mulata Daiquiri. All priced at £6 and available from 15th – 21st July. 
The Domino Club 
We can’t speak highly enough of this venue. Live music every night, a pleasingly difficult hidden entrance – this bar is all of the fun!
To celebrate Daiquiri Day they’re serving a Heritage Daiquiri, a Santiago Daiquiri and their eponymous Domino Daiquiri. All priced at £6 and available from 15th – 21st July. 

We’re big fans of Manchester. It’s a brilliant night out – it’s fun, it goes late, it’s all the things a bar scene should be – and these are our top picks of places to celebrate Rum Month this July. 

Convenience Store
Super cool, super discreet cocktail bar hidden behind what looks just like a corner shop! 
Throughout July, they’ll be serving up a special menu of £6 cocktails – look out for the Apple Cooler, Spiced Rum Passionfruit Sour or their Juicy Fruit Daiquiri.
undefinedJuicy Fruit Daiquiri - BACARDI Carta Blanca, Bols Banana liqueur, fresh lime juice and aloe vera water. 

Guilty By Association
This industrial, underground bar has a brilliant hip hop soundtrack to go alongside the delicious drinks.
To celebrate Rum Month, they’ve made a shortlist of drinks to enjoy for £7.50 each.
The menu reads as; an Apple & Ginger Daiquiri, a Cherry Mai Tai, a Chilli and Banana Daiquiri and a Re-fashioned made with BACARDI 8 year old.
Refashioned - BACARDI Ocho Anos, Frangelica, Angostura Bitters, orange peel, chocolate bitters and sugar.

Lost In Tokyo 
A Japanese-style cocktail bar in the heart of the Northern Quarter - everything about this venue is in homage to the very best that Tokyo has to offer.
Throughout July, they’ll be serving a short list of drinks all available for £7.50. If you’re looking for something unusual – this is the place to go. We suggest the Chilli and Banana Daiquiri! 
Chilli & Banana Daiquiri -  BACARDI Cuatro, Giffard banana liqueur, fresh lemon juice, vanilla essence and egg white.

The brilliant team at Cottonopolis are so committed to Rum Month, that they’ve installed Mojitos – ON TAP!
Yep – the quickest way to enjoy this classic cocktail is definitely here! The perfect blend of BACARDI Carta Blanca, mint, lime and sugar – lengthened with soda. Available forever more at just £8

Lack Lust Liquor and Burn 
This Mexican dream of a bar is switching tequila for rum to celebrate Rum Month!
Throughout July, they’ll be serving up a special menu of £6 cocktails – try the Apple Cooler, Juicy Fruit Daiquiri.​​​​​ or Spiced Rum Passionfruit Sour. 
Spiced Rum Passionfrui Sour - BACARDI Spiced, passionfruit liqueur, fresh lemon jucie and egg white. 

Liverpool is having its moment and aside from its long-established music scene – the hospitality scene is just getting better and better.
If you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate Rum Month – these two fabulous venues are rolling their sleeves up and getting involved. 

Present Company
All hail to Present Company. We wish this bar was closer to us so we could hang here more. Run by two of the best in the biz – expect delicious drinks, faultless service and a sound track of bangers. Good job lads! To celebrate Pina Colada Day – they’ll be serving £6 Present Company Pina Coladas from 8th – 14th July. GO! 

Late night, live music, this is a great venue to let your hair down and enjoy yourself!
To celebrate Daiquiri Day they’ll be serving up a specially created shortlist of drinks from 15th – 21st July but look out for the Watermelon Daiquiri for just £6.50. Yum!