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This summer is all about keeping things cool in the drinks department, with cocktail slushies, refreshing spritzes and delicious Sgroppinos taking centre stage at Cocktails in the City's Garden Party.

This ice cold drinks trend seems to be growing at an easy-breezy rate... boozy slushy machines are cropping up behind bars, spritz menus are moving well past the usual Aperol affair and even the more traditional cocktail bars are re-visiting a classic in the form of Sgroppinos - a delicious concoction made with vodka, sorbet and prosecco - umm yes please!

If you're heading to Cocktails In The City's Garden Party in Bedford Sqaure Gardens this weekend, you'll have your pick of these 'cool' drinks to enjoy in the afternoon sun. 
Mint Gun Club will be offering you the chance to create your own modern twist on a Sgroppino. All you have to do is choose from the flavours including caraway, chocolate mint & kaffir lime or peach, rosemary & coconut, then they'll whizz it up into a tall glass of frozen magic!

undefinedGARAGE AFFOGATO Nine Lives 

If you enjoy your cold cocktails a little creamier the 'Garage Affogato' being served by Nine Lives blends a big-old scoop of vanilla ice cream along with some Kuka cold brew coffee and Bulleit Bourbon for a boozy, creamy and downright delicious drink.


To get your slushie fix, head to Laki Kane's bar for a luxurious 'Missonary's Frozellini' - a frozen mix of peach, mint and agave, topped with Moët & Chandon (not to be missed), or 68 & Boston for a 'Pomelo Slush' made using BRAND NEW Theodore Pictish Gin.

undefinedPOMELO SPRITZ - 68 & Boston

Or for a continental tour across Europe check out either the 'Roman Spritz' at Mr Fogg's bar, which uses brand new Italian gin, O'ndina and is topped with a mouth-watering prosecco foam or the 'French Chic' from B&H Garden Rooms, which shakes up your favourite, St-Germain, Picpoul, verjus and lemon balm cordial. YUM.

undefinedTHE ROMAN SPRITZ - Mr Fogg's

Don't want to miss out on all the Cocktails In The City action?
Then grab a ticket here and cool down your weekend plans!