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Award-winning bar maestro Jimmy Barrat (Group Bar Development Director of Zuma) has flown in from Dubai for a three night takeover of Oblix at The Shard. We chat to him about what we can expect to see...

This one-off takeover will provide guests with an opportunity to try five of Jimmy’s signature creations which are fresh from Zuma Dubai’s new menu, as well as an exclusive cocktail he has designed especially for Oblix, on offer until September. The menu Jimmy brings to London embodies his signature flair for working an abstract narrative into his drinks, capturing many upcoming cocktail trends.

  • Tell us why Oblix at The Shard was the choice for your takeover?

Oblix is part of the Zuma family and I have always personally loved the bar; there is such attention to detail when it comes to products, for example the only ice they use is from crystal clear blocks. We have a synergy which is important and I am really pleased they have been kind enough to host me.

  • Tell us about your new menu… what was the inspiration behind it?

The new menu is inspired by emotions such as joy, guiltiness, memory and “unknown”; the oceanic feeling of being in touch with the universe.  With this drink specifically, I took inspiration from the fact that the centre of the universe releases a gas that has a similar composition to the taste of raspberry.  This was our starting point for this cocktail.

  • Can you tell us about the special cocktail you’ve designed especially for Oblix?

I can tell you that it’s called “Panna cotta” and it has beetroot and elderflower in it; to know more you will have to visit.. 

  • What exciting things can you tell us about what's happening on the Dubai drinks scene at the moment?

I have lived in Dubai for 11 years now and from the time we opened Zuma until now, the restaurant and bar scene has changed unimaginably.  A wealth of international players have opened in Dubai and you can get some great drinks all over town.

  • Will you be hosting any other takeovers this year?   

With my friends Jad Ballout, of Electric Bing Sutt in Beirut, and Dinos Constantinides, of Lost and Found in Cyprus, we have just finished a  series of bar takeovers in Istanbul , Bodrum , Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Cyprus under what we call the #medbrotherhood.  Still to come though is Bacano Rome in September and we, as Zuma Dubai, will also be present at Barometre in Kiev at the end of September – it’s been a busy year!

You can catch Jimmy at Oblix at The Shard from Wednesday 10th to Friday 12th July 2019.