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Building The Cocktail Village with InTent

The biggest event of it’s kind in the world - and without a doubt the biggest event we’ve ever produced - doesn’t happen without some expert help!

This year – we wanted to build on 2018 – to extend, to expand and to excel on our beloved Cocktail Village and bring the vibes and the atmosphere that tens of thousands of you enjoyed to a whole new level! One of the elements of our new home in Truman Brewery that we really loved was our outdoor / indoor festival vibes underneath the cosy stretch tent  - built by the stellar team at InTent. We kicked back - imagined we were in a field out in the wilderness and it brought a whole new dimension to our Cocktail Village.

However – we knew we wanted to go BIGGER again so the planning for this years event has been a long time coming! Brick Lane Yard (just off Brick Lane and behind 93 Feet East) is once again making up part of our home for The Cocktail Village – which opens on Wednesday 09 October until Sunday 13 October for five days of outrageously good fun! This is an enormous space – thousands of square meters – and we wanted to weather-proof the whole thing and create a perfect space for our landrovers, cement mixers, shipping containers and more to find their home.


This is no mean feat and following hours of careful planning with the team at InTent – we’re there!
The biggest stretch tent they’ve ever put up – right in the heart of the East End! 
And so we’ve got forty King Poles to light - hundreds of meters of festoon lighting to rig - and forty traders to squeeze underneath!
Yep - it’s going to be epic!

InTent have been stretch tent specialists since 2006. Stretch tents are perfect for any outdoor space and are a fantastic way to extend your space – even when that is a carpark! 

The Cocktail Village | 146 Brick Lane | London | E1 6RU | Wed 09 - Sun 13 October | from Midday.