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Tall, dark and verging on the edge of naughty, they're officially still London's favourite cocktail and our very own Bars Ambassador, Bea Bradsell, knows a thing or two when it comes to drinking them... so she's done the hard work and picked out ten places serving the best Espresso Martinis in London - ta da!

Our lovely Bars Ambassador, Bea, has spent years trying out Espresso Martinis in London, mainly because it's her favourite cocktail... and also because her dad Dick Bradsell invented it when a still to-this-day un-named model came into his bar and ordered a drink to 'wake her up and f**k her up'!

Bea's a big fan of the classic recipe, but also has a lot of time for the occasional twist as anyone who's attended our Espresso Martini Cocktail Experiment masterclasses will know. A lover of all things caffeinated, she's never far from a London bar sipping on a delicious coffee cocktail and therefore was the perfect person to curate this list.

So without further ado and in no particular order, here are Bea's pick of the top ten best Espresso Martinis in London... 

1. El Camion (Soho)
undefinedHead to one of Dick's (and Bea's as it happens) old workplaces for an Espresso Martini still made to his original recipe, using his preferred products... this is how they were intended to be served.

2. Chapter 72 (London Bridge)
undefinedWhere better to get an Espresso Martini than a coffee shop and cocktail bar. They put as much love in to their last Espresso Martini of the night as the first coffee in the morning.

3. Caravan (Exmouth Market)
undefinedThe quality of their freshly roasted coffee makes all the difference in this Espresso Martini and the interesting addition of the rum and PX sherry add a lot of depth.

4. The Ned (The City)
undefinedThis isn't just one of our favourite's it's yours too - their Espresso Martini was the most popular cocktail of London Cocktail Week 2018!

5. Murder Inc. (Fitzrovia)
undefinedIdeal for those with a bit of a sweeter tooth. They've defintiely played around with the ingredients but it gives you a perfect creamy rich cocktail, plus it's on their happy hour menu. 

6. The Wigmore (Fitzrovia)
undefinedThe bar staff believe in their Espresso Martinis so much they even launched an un-official competition with other London bars two years ago, to prove it.

7. Swift (Soho)
undefinedThey may be known for their Irish Coffee but their Espresso Martini is just as good.

8. Greenwich Grind (Greenwich)
undefinedAll the Grind spots are passionate about coffee cocktails, but their newest, instagrammable spot in Greenwich is our pick at the moment. Not only do they do a stellar Espresso Martini, but they also have a whole range of cocktails where each coffee is picked especially for that drink. 

9. Bar Américain (Soho)
undefinedThis Espresso Martini has a good kick, but is still light enough to enjoy a few... plus the luxurious setting makes drinking it a truly decedent experience.

10. Satan's Whiskers (Bethnal Green)
undefinedThey've got a daily changing menu that normally includes an Espresso Martini because they love them just as much as we do! If it's not on there though, then they are always happy to whip one up especially.

Fancy mapping out your route to all of our top picks for Espresso Martinis? Check out the full collection HERE.