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A beautiful bottle is a sure-fire way to give someone something they actually want... when buying booze – we think it’s nice to give people something brand new – it makes for a great talking point and lets them look cool in front of their friends. Whether you’re looking for the latest delicious gin or a winter liqueur to spice up a chilly evening – these are our picks.

London Cocktail Week Tenth Anniversary Gin - £39.95
We’re not quite done celebrating the tenth anniversary of our award-winning festival – and neither should you be! This super-special, limited edition gin, made with love on the Portobello Road is a collectable! But it’s there for drinking right!? Gift it then crack it and mix yourself a gin and tonic. undefined

Glenfiddich Grand Cru - £220
Yeah this is expensive but can we tell you – it is so worth it! YUM doesn’t do this justice - and look at the packaging, think about the provenance - this is truly the Champagne of whiskies in every single sense. Always a brand to keep pushing the category forward this is an indulgence worth making. undefined

Zealot’s Heart gin - £30
Brand spanking new from those terrors at BrewDog – this spicy, juniper-heavy gin is a punchy 44% ABV. We can testify it makes a mean Martini, stirred with dry vermouth and unusually garnished with a lime twist. The packaging is so lovely too that even when it’s all gone – they’ll be pleased to keep the bottle! undefined

Reverend Hubert Winter Liqueur - £34.45
The whole premise of this product is completely bonkers – BUT it’s honestly the taste of Christmas housed in a stained glass inspired bottle. We’ve no idea if the Rev is real or not, but never mind… This is a very festive bottling that is guaranteed to be well received! undefined

Everleaf - £15
Not drinking – no problem. Get ahead for Dry January with this delicious new product from one of London’s best bar operators. Everleaf is a fresh take on a non-alcoholic option and packed full of botanicals from around the world. Any recipient of this will be pleased as punch. undefined