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Follow the road to Margarita perfection - and prepare for International Tequila Day with Patrón.

The road to Margarita perfection? That sounds like the sort of road DrinkUp.London likes to be on! And lucky for us - Patrón are giving two lucky people the chance to make it ot Mexico to celebrate in style. 


International Margarita Day takes place on 24 July and in preparation, hundreds of bars across the UK (and some brilliant bars in London) are all going to be making a series of bespoke Margarita menus - all listed on their Margarita Map. Each bar involved will be serving the Perfect Patrón Margarita that we all know and love, as well as their own twists on the classic.
But the very best bit – just by clicking on the map and submitting your details you can get the chance to fly to Mexico for International Tequila Day, on Patrón.

Sign. Us. UP. 

So whether you’re sipping on a Mustang Margarita at Satan’s Whiskers in Bethnal Green, tasting the Cucumber-coconut Margarita in the hot new Soho Residence on Wardour Street, or checking out the Margarita station in the lobby of The Edition Hotel in Fitzrovia, you could ALSO find the road to margarita perfection in Mexico this summer.
See all the venues taking part, and enter the competition by checking out Patrón’s Margarita Map HERE.

To recreate a Perfect Patrón Margarita, check out the recipe below...

35ml Patrón Reposado
15ml Patrón Citrónge Orange
20ml Fresh lime juice

Method: Chill a coupe glass, then garnish the glass with a lime wedge and half salt rim. Add all ingredients and ice to a shaker and shake and strain into the glass.

Mr Fogg's Margarita photo credit - Tim Atkins