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As a team of five professional night owls - who pride themselves on knowing what to drink - we thought we'd share with you the recipes for our perfect versions of some of our favourite cocktails, so you can have a go too!

Founder & MD Hannah Sharman-Cox always has a Wet Martini in hand... 

"A tiny, wet Martini is one of life’s true joys. The wetter the better really because it means you can enjoy a couple more than you would if they were bone dry. Ridiculously easy to make at home, you don’t even need bar kit for this perfect little combination. Stir the two ingredients with plenty of ice so they’re super cold and my personal preference would be a little lemon twist on the top. And exhaaaaaale."

60ml of London dry gin
15ml of dry vermouth

Method - add your ingredients into a mixing tin with ice, give it a long stir then slowly pour into a chilled tiny glass with a stem and a lemon twist.

Founder & Festival Director Siobhan Payne likes to mix up a Whisky Sour...

"A Whiskey Sour is a real favourite of mine to make at home…even though it’s really easy to put together, it feels super decadent and will seriously impress your family or flatmates. Plus the sweetness of the bourbon means it’s great instead of dessert! (or better…as a second dessert!)"

60ml of bourbon of choice
30ml lemon juice
15ml sugar syrup (2:1, or Monin)
3 dashes angostura bitters
15ml egg white (about half an egg's worth)

Method - put it into your cocktail shaker (or empty jar) with loads of ice. Shake so it gets nice anf frothy!! Strain into an ice-filled glass. garnish with a lemon wedge and maraschino cherry! Yum!

Bars Ambassador Bea Bradsell's go-to is an Espresso Martini...

"The Espresso Martini is my favourite cocktail not just for family bias but also because it's the perfect livener. Great for getting the party started, after dinner or giving you the boost you need to get on the kitchen dance floor."

50ml vodka (or dark rum)
30ml coffee liqueur
25ml strong espresso coffee
5ml sugar syrup to taste - feel free to leave out if you don't take sugar in your coffee
If you like flavoured coffees take out the sugar and play around with flavoured syrups - I recommend 10-15mls hazelnut or salted caramel

Method - add all to the shaker with lots of ice and give it a hard shake. Take all your anger out in the shake! Then strain in to a Martini glass. If it's not got the right head on it you can always give it another shake.

*If you don't have Espresso but do have brewed coffee or cold brew try the cocktail on the rocks. You can use the same ratio just stir it instead.

Content Manager & Editor Samantha Ryan is always craving a cheeky Tommy's Margarita...

"Do do do do do doo do. Do do do do do dooooo do. Do do do do do do do do do. Badaaaa da da da da da. TEQUILA!!"

50ml of decent blanco tequila
10ml agave nectar
25ml lime juice (or Supasawa cocktail mixer)

Method - add everything into a shaker with lots of ice and give it a good shake. Strain into a rustic looking tumbler filled with ice and chuck in a lime wedge or go without - definitely no salt rim!

Project Manager Sam Benton makes an incredible Clover Club...

"A clover club is an underrated modern classic in my eyes. Gin and raspberries - whats not to love! Plus it's pink and oh so easy to drink!"

50ml gin
10ml sweet vermouth
10ml lemon juice
15ml raspberry syrup (or cordial which is more readily available)
25ml egg white
Handful of raspberries

“Dry shake” all ingredients in a shaker for about 30 seconds, to emulsify the egg white and muddle the raspberries. Fill the shaker with ice and shake again. Double strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with a raspberry. Voila!