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LCW 2015: on Film

All the drinks, the fun, the laughs and the shots captured right here.

London Cocktail Week was a blast. No doubt about that, and now thanks to Partizan we can relive it all over again. 

Creative: Will Besant / Director: Cory Marsh / Production Company: Partizan / Music: Robin Reeve @ Bright Young Things

A word from Cocktail Credentials

Cocktail Credentials, a site dedicated to looking at the drinks industry from inside and out, came and spent LCW with us. Looking back here's what they had to say to their followers: 

"Now that the dust has settled, what have we at CC made of it all (tasked as we were as 'behind the scenes' reporters to this monumental event)?
Who were the characters that took centre stage?
What makes the show tick and what’s the story behind the story of #LCW15?

Answer: Hannah Sharman Cox, Founder and MD of Drinkup.London (ABV Global).

Why? She’s created the biggest and most valuable focus group opportunity in the UK. 

Hannah has spent years standing on her soapbox trying to explain something very simple to all of us. LCW is a magical mix-up of brands, bars, bartenders and most importantly (and to keep the ‘B’ thing going), beings (i.e. punters). Getting in front of real people is key to understanding the market, not sitting inside our industry bubble and patting ourselves on the back. LCW is about making connections, getting back out on the street, in at the coalface, in front of real people and now for the really big secret… it’s about selling stuff.

Sorry what? Did someone say selling? That's right folks, selling. Think about it for a minute. 95% of the events put on by our industry are for our industry. Superb. Good work marketing team. We can either preach to the choir or we can communicate with the congregation.

Be honest, who were you really talking to last week? Who stayed in the ‘bubble’ and who took the opportunity to make a giant leap forward with their brands, their bar or their buddies (i.e. network)?

Hats off to Hannah we say and to her small team of loyal goddesses too (Siobhan & Emma). What a monumental achievement. Congratulations from all of us at CC. Oh and by the way, same goes to Raj and Sukhinder at Speciality Drinks too for their foresight and vision.

Hannah, maybe your message is finally getting through, you can come down off your soap box now (and me mine). It’s about the people, people!

See you next year.
[drops mic]"