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What we’re reading: Experimental Cocktail Club

Beauty and simplicity on every page - a recipe book just as delightful as the group's incredible venues.

Experimental Cocktail Club is the type of book which feels beautiful in your hands. Before you've even turned to the first page, its crisp dust jacket, with its elegant silver cocktail drawings, speaks volumes about the dedication to details to be discovered within. 

And it doesn't disappoint. 

Inside is the story of some of the most successful bars the world has seen, their history interwoven with simple and tasty cocktail recipes to make at home. It's also a hommage to the group, who in 2007, opened the first site in Paris, with a nod to all those bartenders who have since been privledged enough to work for them. "What we set out to do was different," say the team, speaking about that first venue. But it's an ethos that has flowed through everything they've set their mind to including bars in New York, in London and in Ibiza, and in this, their first recipe book. 

ECC's recipes are based on the teams love and passion for good, fresh produce. There are a handful of homemade syrups and tinctures to make, with basic step-by-step instructions for these in the back, most with only two to three ingredients. It's a cocktail book which consumers should have little trouble following and replicating the delicious serves at home in the kitchen, just as bartenders can mix up the drinks at work. 


Thanks to the many venues, in several climates, there are truly drinks to suit any time of the year. Crisp, light serves for summer under the Spanish sun; complex, savoury cocktails for a wet autumnal London day; rich, layered drinks for a snowy New York winter; and fresh, aromatic serves for the bright springs in Paris. Loyal fans of ECC will also be pleased to see the group's classics - such as Saint Germain des Pres - alongside some of the lesser known cocktails. 

Ultimately it's a beautiful first book, with detailed and atmospheric photography, which would add to any bookcase or coffee table collection for its sheer elegance. But it will add much more, with its pages flung open, to the repertoire of London's home bartenders. 

Buy the book here.