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Discount Suit Company's New Cocktails

One of our all time favourite bars has revealed a whole drinks list and they're delicious.

Taking inspiration from the surrounding streets of haberdasheries and tailors, Discount Suit Company is a small subterranean cocktail bar serving mouth-watering cocktails and plates of cheese to those who have managed to seek out the narrow set of stairs leading down to its bar. First opening to its crowd of east London locals and off-duty city workers in 2014 it's gone from strength to strength and the owners have expanded from Petticoat Lane towards Bethnal Green with the well-loved Sun Tavern. On November 24th the bar launched its current menu, filled with tasty syrups and seasonal flavours. 

Best of all the menu offers recommendations of classic drinks based on each in-house creation, meaning if you liked the Old Bell you'll love a Sazerac, Boulevardier or Manhattan. Add in the weekly-changing Neal's Yard cheese selection and we could sit here all night. 

The Kneecapper


Bán poitin, absinthe, lemon and honey. 

Black Rose


Calvados, crème de cassis, nettle tea syrup and lemon.

Hibi Hibi Shake


Pisco, lemon, sage infused red jelly syrup and hibiscus tea.

Old Bell


Rye whiskey, Dolin Dry vermouth, Amaro Montenegro, absinthe and Peychauds Bitters.

Carrier Pigeon


White rum, lemon, honey, lavender and prosecco.

Tailor Two Cities


Old Tom gin, Chamberyzette and cranberry shrubb.

Conference Call


DSC in-house whiskey blend, smoked and salted maple syrup, walnut bitters and toasted orange.

Love Potion #9


Quiquiriqui mezcal, Bold Cherry aperitif and Kamm and Sons ginseng spirit.

Port In A Storm


Mulled Jamaican rum, tawny port, lemon and apple & ginger cordial.