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DrinkUp's Library: Wine Folly

The book that will take you from complete wine novice to a fountain of knowledge in just over 200 pages.

'Life is too short to drink bad wine' - the opening anonymous quote of this book is something we whole heartedly agree with, and having gained global popularity with the award winning U.S. blog of the same name, Wine Folly has now released a fantastic book to help you avoid doing just that.

Starting with the fundamentals - how to taste, characteristics, understanding labels and choosing glassware - it moves swiftly on to food and wine pairings with an in depth chart for various food groups giving suited styles of wines and even a bit of science behind the harmonious pairings suggested. Very helpful indeed. 


The next section of the book is the real meat on the bone, and it truly is brilliant. Dividing wine into nine different style categories from sparkling through to dessert it covers all the popular varietals (with some of the lesser known ones thrown in for good measure), each with a double page spread of info graphics and flavour wheels covering everything from where it grows and cool/warm climate differences to how best to serve, it's also full of interesting facts and titbits that you can spout out to your pals round the dinner table if you really want to look like a pro.

The book rounds off with an in depth guide to the key wine growing countries and regions, tying it all together and allowing the book to take you from complete wine novice to fountain of knowledge in a little over 200 pages, with the use of graphics over endless pages of words and descriptions makes it completely approachable, engaging and easy to remember. If you want to up your wine game and gain confidence in navigating the wine list or shelf then we'd say this is a perfect place to start.