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LWW 2016: The Facts

A look back at the statistics from the 2016 festival

Estimated £46,000 injected into the London wine and hospitality scene through sales of more than 9,000 LWW flights and food pairings sold across 125 partnering venues and merchants.

More than 8,000 attendees across festival activities with 6,000 wristband wearers - 50% gifted to trade, press and key industry influencers and 50% pre-booked or purchased by consumers during the week from our Hub.

At least 2,500 festival goers visited The Nyetimber Hub – with many visiting more than once during the week to engage in the various activities.



96% of attendees surveyed after the festival said they planned to attend LWW 2016.

92% of attendees surveyed after the festival said they loved or liked it.

75% of attendees were new to London Wine Week.

Aspects of the festival our attendees liked most were discovering and learning about new wines (91% loved or liked this) and visiting the Hub and pop-ups (76% loved or liked this).

Data has shown LWW attendees go out to drink wine approx. 3 times per week, and buy wine to drink at home 3 times per week. Data shows our audience to be 66% female, with 32% being female aged 25-35 years of age – our largest demographic.



Got me out my comfort zone in terms of what I'd normally drink”

“I was really very impressed. It was such a great way to try new places I otherwise wouldn’t, and I found the £5 flight deals were particularly good value”

I loved it - great variety and nice to have something a bit different.”

It was fantastic. Excellent locations and knowledgeable staff that were willing to talk to us about their wines.”

I absolutely loved London Wine Week, it was a great way to try new wines and discover bars I didn't know existed.”



“Firstly, thanks for all your support during London Wine Week. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and the Drink Up London Team. We have been receiving incredible feedback from suppliers, sponsors, staff members, hotel management, guests of the hotel and of course from the wristband wearers.” Food and Beverage Sales & Marketing Manager, Andaz Hotel.

“We thought the festival itself was great – really well run, perfectly in line with our brands and customers (and brought in some new faces)” Marketing Manager, Corney and Barrow. 

We really enjoyed being a part of it, and the guests we had were all lovely.” Marketing Manager, Boulestin.

“We're definitely pleased with the amount of footfall it drove, thank you so much for your support!” Marketing Manager, Camino.