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LBW 2015: The Facts

The facts and figures from the second London Beer Week.

£50,000 injected into the London hospitality scene through sales of more than 16,000 LBW speciality serves sold across 100 partnering venues.

More than 8,500 attendees across festival activities and almost all LBW partner events sold out.

6,200 wristband wearers. Almost 50% posted in advance to key industry and influencers* with 3,200 wristbands pre-booked or purchased during the week from our Hubs.

4,250 festival goers visited LBW Hubs –with many visiting at least two during the week to engage in the various activities.


98.5% of attendees surveyed after the festival showed interest in attending LBW 2016.

85% of attendees surveyed after the festival said they loved or liked it.

55% of attendees were new to DrinkUp.London festivals.

Aspects of the festival our attendees liked most were discovering and tasting beers and trying out new bars.

Data has shown LBW attendees go out socialising and drinking beer approx. 3 times per week, with the average age being 26-30 years, and a 60/40 male to female split.


“My wife and I had a fabulous week (and she doesn't even usually drink beer!) We visited lots of new bars and tried many new beers. Thanks to the organisers and the participating venues.”

Really great way to visit some hidden gems. Every host was so welcoming and the ones that gave the info about the beer was a really nice touch. Can’t wait for next year!”

“Thanks for opening my eyes to even more beer.!


“We had a great week! We saw plenty of new faces and our LBW serve was flying out.”- Manager at a partnering bar.

“We've had loads of positive feedback, both from our launch night & the whole week - orders have increased & loads of people are drinking our Session IPA! We'd definitely like to work with you again in the future.” - Sales manager of a partnering brewery.

“Everything went very well and I've had some amazing feedback from those who attended our beer and food pairing sessions. We'll definitely be in touch.” - Bar manager, who hosted an event.