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What We're Drinking in 2016

On our shopping list: coconut water, exotic wines, dry sherry and rare whisky. Not on the list: shots.

"I'm going to drink less generic wine. Sounds snobby, but I've been able to taste so many amazing wines of late that bland-as-fuck supermarket bottlings just don't seem to taste like wine anymore, but like unbalanced fruit juice. And I'm going to try and drink more examples of a product in the raw. I've always used this as a means of understanding the flavour range of a category (single cask spirits, unfiltered wines, unpasteurised beers, en rama etc) and there's loads more examples starting to come about including categories I don't know so well such as sake, as well as new innovations in things like Scotch." Ryan Chetiyawardana, My Lyan, White Lyan and Dandelyan. 

"I'm looking to get away to exotic locations on holiday this year where coconuts are in abundance, and Scotch & coconut water are the perfect pairing. Dave Broom in his recent book rated how each whisky paired with coconut water, and it's great drink to enjoy in the heat. I'm also training quite a lot this year (marathon etc) and staying away from fizzy drinks, so coconut water is my current go to!" Georgie Bell, Global Malts Ambassador for Mortlach.


"I’d like to drink more drinks from the cocktail menu. I too often fall back on the classics when I’m in bars, and whilst I would never completely give up my dry gin martini I’m definitely missing out by not exploring more of what’s been created by our city’s awesome bartenders! I’d like to drink less whisky nightcaps after a night out. It is never-ever a good idea." Siobhan Payne, London Cocktail Week Festival Director. 

"I'll be drinking less sugary drinks in general, whether it be sweet cocktails, canned drinks, tonic or fruit juices. Drinking more? I’ve developed the moderately worrying habit of drinking a dram pretty much every night before bed, so to keep it interesting and work-related I am trying to make sure it’s always something interesting or rare (e.g. Single Cask Bruichladdich from the distillery shop, Jefferson’s ‘Chef’s Collaboration’ blended american Whiskey, Solist Sherry Cask or St Nichoals Abbey 15 year). Many great bottles will be opened. Good news for me, bad news for my drinks cabinet!" - Edmund Weil, owner of Nightjar and Oriole. 

"This year, as the London bar scene continues to up its game, I’m mostly looking forward to discovering the creative ways bartenders are using Scotch whisky – both malts and blends – to create remarkable cocktails. To this end, I’ll be resisting popular trends and drinking less gin this year as I experiment with swapping it out for Scotch whisky in traditional serves like the Negroni and Tom Collins. Vermouth and Scotch are meant to be together!" Becky Paskin, Editor of


"I will be drinking less Martinis. I'm a firm believer of the four minute rule as it will warm up, hence I tend to drink them rather swiftly! I will be drinking more Palomas -such a great drink especially with a pinch of salt, full of vitamin C!"  Barrie Wilson, founder of Scotch + Limon. 

“I suspect that I’ll be drinking more South African wine in 2016. A recent trip to Franschhoek and Stellenboch showed me how exciting these wines have become in the last 10 years . I will be drinking less Prosecco, instead looking for more exciting sparkling wines perhaps currently over-looked in the UK.” Geordie Willis - Creative Director at BBR.

"Less rum, as it's all too woody for me, and more Somerset cider brandy because it's delicious. Oh and more homemade lemonade. It's just sugar, lemon and fizzy water. Stop being lazy and serving schweppes." Terry Cashman, Bar Manager at 69 Colebrooke Row. 


"Less of Negronis and Boulevardiers. I've become lazy and untrustworthy of bars with overly elaborate menus, and fall back on these as my automatic call. I love them, and they're hard to get wrong, which is why I usually order it. More sherry. I LOVE PX, but haven't given enough love to dry sherries in the past, as I have never enjoyed them very much. So I will learn to like them..." Jamie Jones, Bars Manager for Jason Atherton. 

"This year I’ll be drinking more wine from lesser known regions – I’ve recently enjoyed delicious Pinot from Bulgaria and tried some fantastic Hungarian whites that have all given my go-to favourites a run for their money at a fraction of the price. I’ll be drinking less shots of tequila, no real need for explanation here." Emma Murphy, London Wine Week Festival Director. 

"I’d like to drink more champagne. It’s delicious and it makes me feel nice. I’d also like to drink more non-alcoholic beer. Or maybe – just see it. Getting more bars to stock a great booze-free option is on my personal goals list for 2016. I also probably should drink more water. I know… I know… There’s absolutely nothing I’d like to drink less of. I love drinking. It’s brilliant." Hannah Sharman-Cox, Founder of DrinkUp.London.

"I'm going to be drinking more Cognac and Whisky, and definitely less green tea. I tried to get on board but come on, it really is gross." Claire Warner, Director of Spirits Education - Moet Hennessy.