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Order From the Menu: Oriole Bar

Nightjar's sister bar has proved it's going to be just as exotic, well-executed and flavourful. Some whisper it may even be better...

Lavish. Ornate. Opulent. Splendid. If ever a bar is going to pour all these experiences into the one cocktail it's got to be Oriole. The new-comer to the London scene is all about travelling the globe through exotic spirits and ingredients, from the Old World, through the Orient and into the New World. Combined with live music and drinks which look more akin to pieces of art than the traditional Martini, you have yourself one sublime getaway destination. 

Here are the almost absurdly beautiful drinks. Just be careful not to break the glasses here - they're rather unique. 

Drinks From The Old World: Europe & Africa


Clockwise from top left: Roman Holiday, Alcazar, Umckaloabo, Roman Holiday, Umckaloabo

Roman Holiday: VII Hills Gin; Solerno; Apricot Eau de Vie; Tarragon limoncello; Resin aperitivo; Bamboo forest aroma.

Alcazar: Ysabel Regina; Padrón seed infusion; Fino sherry; Chervil; Aloe crème anglaise; Lemon; Cork smoke.

Umckaloabo: Mount Gay Black Barrel; Amaro; Carob Moka; Centerbe; Geranium ice-cream.


Clockwise from top left: Saligo Bay, Chios Graffito, Saligo Bay, Fernworthy, Carpathian Swizzle, Chios Graffito

Saligo Bay: Bruichladdich; Baked oat syrup; Peated barley; Green walnut liqueur; Peat dust.

Chios Graffito: Hennessy Fine de Cognac; Mastiha marmalade; Lemon; Roots Tentura liqueur; Rue herb.

Fernworthy: Plymouth Gin; Tasmanian Pepper infusion; Radish; Voatsiperifer y; Beetroot Eau de Vie; Champagne; Borage honey.

Carpathian Swizzle: Belvedere Unfiltered; Mistletoe; Lovage; Spinach aperitif; Cedro jam; Lemon; Cream soda sherbet.


Clockwise from top left: The Duke of Savoy, Kiruna (twice), Bosphorus Barrel, Virginia Don (twice)

The Duke of Savoy: Courvoisier VSOP; Hazelnut sugar; Quince cordial; Calvados; Apple; Lemongrass.

Kiruna: Absolut Elyx; Cloudberry jam; Aquavit mead; Root cider; Mulberry leaves.

Bosphorus Barrel: Tanqueray Ten; Rose wine; Pink lemon; Lemon Verbena liqueur.

Virginia Don: Naked Grouse; Coltsfoot syrup; Bäska Snaps; Tobacco Liqueur; Rose ice.

The Orient: Asia, Sub-Pacific & Sub-Continent


From left to right: Batavia, Seoul Sour (twice), Canton (twice)

Batavia: Bols Oak Aged Genever; Hopped Beerenberg; Arabica Argan oil; Iced Gouda.

Seoul Sour: Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve; Amaro Lucano; Korean BBQ Zinfandel; Lemon; Saponaria.

Canton: Jinzu; Lychee wine; Osmanthus syrup; Frozen longan.


Clockwise from top left: Fort Cochin (twice), Shire of Cardinia (twice), Chittagong Cooler (twice)

Fort Cochin:  Belvedere Pure; Tulsi tea soda; Mace liqueur; Prickly pear jam.

Shire of Cardinia: Jinzu; Lychee wine; Osmanthus syrup; Frozen longan.

Chittagong Cooler: Havana Club 7 Year; Darjeeling-Citron liqueur; Charcoal tea; Tayberry vinegar.


Clockwise from top left: Road to Hanoi, Hyogo (twice), Meihua Shan (twice), Ryoan Ji (twice)

Road to Hanoi: Hennessy Fine de Cognac; Marzipan grappa; Akashi Tai Sake; Campari; Shimeji crown.

Hyogo: Reyka Vodka; Akashi Tai Umeshu; Nigella syrup; Blackcurrant curd.

Meihua Shan: Hendricks Gin; Plum rosolio; Juniper chou syrup; Lemon; Egg white.

Ryoan Ji: Nikka Whisky from the Barrel; Blue rose milk; Seagrass syrup; Frozen rambutan.


Left to right: Karachi Sour (twice), Jewel in the Crown, Kunlun Shan

Karachi Sour: Caña Brava Rum; Wray & Nephew Rum; Sweet ume paste; Yellow courgette; Lemon; fresh sea herbs.

Jewel in the Crown: Bombay Sapphire; Kumquat liqueur; Kala fruit puree; Passiflora tea; Clementine.

Kunlun Shan: Grey Goose; Ratafia relish; Sparkling Chinotto; Snow Chrysanthemum tea; Kampot pepper.

New World: The Americas


Clockwise from top left: La Capilla, Cortez the Killer (twice), Ollantaytambo (twice), La Capilla

La Capilla: Olmeca Altos Blanco Tequila; Zesty ricotta; Lemon; Agave wine; Evening primrose.

Cortez the Killer: Don Julio Reposado; Balsamic vermouth; Agave tonka syrup.

Ollantaytambo: Pisco Portón; Lucuma moscato; Purple Corn; Lemon; Ginger soda; Egg white.


Clockwise from top left: Goldeneye, Cordillera, Pernambuco, Hispaniola, Bayou, Simpson Bay, Bayou (repeat)

Goldeneye: Appleton VX; Fernet; Mate infusion; Baklava orgeat; Tangelo; Damiana foam.

Cordillera: Bacardi 8; Damson coulis; Beetroot; Hopped vermouth; Lemon; Candy sugar.

Pernambuco: Capucana Cachaça; Mango wine; Brazilian bark; Lemon; Green tomato sorbet.

Hispaniola: Woodford Reserve; Graviola cordial; Plantain powder; Dry rinquinquin à la pêche; Southernwood.

Bayou: Woodford Reserve; Absinthe treacle; Trompette de la mort; Alligator pepper; Yellow grapefruit.

Simpson Bay: Brugal XV; Zuidam Winter Liqueur; Trois Rivières Rhum Agricole; Acorn-spelt coffee; Spuma.


Clockwise from top left: Everglade (twice), Zapotec (twice), Prairie Horn (twice)

Everglade: Bulleit Rye; Gentian wine; Grapefruit citronette; Absinthe.

Zapotec: Mezcal Montelobos; Ancho Reyes Chilli liqueur; Sun-dried tomato; Lime; Mandarin.

Prairie Horn: Bulleit Bourbon; Prekese syrup; Buffalo popcorn tea; Mustard foam.