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A Pint with Fourpure's Rob Davies

Fourpure, a small brewery which makes up part of the Bermondsey Mile, is well-loved for its sustainable approach to making delicious beer. We sat down for a pint with Rob Davies from the team to catch up on the brewing, beers and London bars.

What made you want to get into beer?

I’ve been part of the food revolution since 1999, working through the market scene with artisan niche food and drink brands and from there I went on to managing pubs and bars so it seemed like a natural progression.

Do you find the world of small brewers supportive?

Yes, to a degree. It’s competitive and experiencing huge growth, so everyone is super busy, but on the whole yes, we lend each other kegs and hops when needed.

What’s the best thing about brewing in London?

The variety of breweries and styles brewed, it’s very diverse.

What are your favourite small/craft London-made beers?

Brew by Numbers Black IPA, Weird Beard Mariana Trench.

Which beer do we absolutely have to try in 2016?

Anything from New Zealand, Yeastie Boys, 8 Wired, Renaissance, Tuatara, 3 Boys, Garage Project.


Do you have any must-visit beer bar recommendations in London?

Kings Arms, Mother Kellys and The Sun Tavern, all in E2 - you can do them in one night.

What’s your favourite beer and food pairing?

’m a simple man, Fourpure Pils and Fundi pizza.

What’s your favourite beer and whiskey pairing?

I adore the black lager style and I love Japanese whisky so Thornbridge Kill Your Darlings with a Yamazaki 12. It pairs well due to the sweetness of the beer and whisky malts coming together, finished with a lovely touch of bitterness, a great pairing.

Do you have a current favourite beer or style?

Mad about Saisons, we (Fourpure) brewed a Saison for Michel Roux at Le Gavroche last year, Roux Brew 15, delightfully light and flavoursome beer, it’s all about the yeast in Saisons, ours was sourced by Gavroche sommelier David Galetti, via an old French farmhouse business that has original yeast strains from ye olde days, authentic as it gets.

What’s the most unusual beer you’ve tried?

Two this year – a Yeastie Boys and Ilkeley collaboration called 3.74 Degrees and a Buxton and Omnipollo collaboration called Yellow Belly Sundae.

What’s your guilty beer pleasure?

I’m mad on real ale, Timothy Taylor Landlord.

What’s your thoughts on Hop-Tails?

Love an Ale-tini.

What’s the thing you’re most looking forward to for Fourpure in 2016?

A great year for craft beer! Again, craft is in super growth at the moment, so the beer festivals are great especially Craft Beer Rising, Leeds International Beer Fest and Indy Man Beer Con in Manchester at the end of the season.