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Brand Focus: The Brewers Project

The Brewers Project is an innovative mission coming out of St. James’s Gate in Dublin to bring to light fantastic new brews.

Hop House 13 lager

St. James’s Gate in Dublin is possibly one of the world’s most famous breweries, both for its lengthy 9000 year lease and its tenant, the well-loved Guinness.

Leased to Arthur Guinness in 1759, the iconic Irish stout has been the main bread and butter of St. James’s Gate, becoming both the largest brewery in Ireland and the world at one point. But the brewery hasn’t always just produced Guinness. It was here that generations of brewer’s would jot down recipes in their diary, experiment with stouts and push the boundaries of what could be achieved by the age-old art of brewing.

These recipes were confined to old diaries and, after decades of gathering dust, were forgotten. Until recently. Guinness has launched its Brewers Project, scouring its own history books to unearth the beers of its forefathers and launching some brand new beers created by their master brewers.  From this project comes its smooth Dublin Porter, its hop-lead West Indies Porter, Guinness Golden Ale and it’s brand-new brew, Hop House 13 Lager.


Named after an early 1900’s hop store building at St. James’s Gate where hops are still stored, Hop House 13 is a double-hopped lager made with Irish barley and aromatic hops and continues the 256 years of heritage and brewing excellence at St. James’s Gate.

From the history books to the bottle, these new and reinterpreted recipes are now available to try and when better to see the innovation coming out of St. James’s Gate once more than during London Beer Week. All the beers, including the new release, will be available at the pop-up Hop House 13 LDN where you can enjoy beers, live music, pizza and good times to celebrate the launch of The Brewers Project’s latest innovation. There’ll even be some limited edition brews created by the Open Gate Brewery, St James’ Gate Dublin, to try - perfect for beer enthusiasts!

For those with a more spirited side there will also be a boiler maker and a specially created beer cocktail with Bulleit Bourbon for just £5 with your wristband.