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London's Best Tequila Bars

Head to one of these awesome London bars to immersive yourself in the agave lifestyle.

El Nivel


You can't beat the agave selection here - it's a perfect representation of the beauty of Mexcio's native spirits, from tequila to mezcal and even lesser-known varities such as raicilla. Traditional food is served by charming staff so perch at bar, taste your way through Mexico and feast on the country's well-loved flavours. 

La Perla


Margarita lovers will find themselves in boozy paradise, with a long list of fruit numbers to dip in. For something on the smokier end of the spectrum, try the Mezcal Margarita – don’t leave without getting a tapa or two – the spicy duck quesadillas are something else.

Charlotte Street Mezcalaria


Flights of mezcal, smoky Margaritas and delicious Mexcian street food - this seperate bar inside the Charlotte Street Wahaca is a delightful spot to get aquainted with tequila's lesser-known cousin mezcal. 

El Camion


With 38 different bottles covering blanco, reposado and añejo, it’s a temple to tequila. You can sip the better ones neat, but it’d be remiss to ignore the marvellous margaritas, of which Tommy’s Margarita is the pick. Head downstairs after food to the debaucherous Pink Chihuahua where it's all table dancing and shots. 

Cafe Pacifico


Hundreds of tequilas and excellent quesadillas, this Covent Garden gem has been supplying Londoners with their agave fix since 1982. It's still one of the best and absolute classic for all things Mexican. Expect tequila-soaked cheesy fun. 

Soho Azulito Bar


Azulito translates from Spanish as ‘little blue’; a nod to the blue agave plant from which all tequila is distilled. And if you like to talk tequila, this is the place to be, with over 55 different kinds behind the bar - all made from 100% agave.



It's a tiny hole in the wall which feels like a packed party almost every night of the week. Vaguely latin in theme, Casita has just had a renevation but the reason we're visiting is not to admire the new floorboards but for tequila. This place doesn't have a gob-smaking collection or vintage bottles but they do have verdita. Shot of tequila, shot of verdita. Don't tell us that isn't the single most delicious thing you've ever tried. 

Tequila-heads can also be excited that Cielo Blanco has just opened on Exmouth Market, born from a tequila obsession and developed through a love-affair for Mexican food. Yes please.