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LCW19 : How it works

How to get your venue involved in the world's largest cocktail festival.


Following its hugely successful 9th year, London Cocktail Week will be back between Friday 4th - Sunday 13th October for a ten-day celebration of our capital’s fantastic cocktail culture.
We welcomed more than 25,000 attendees to our 2018 festival, with almost all scheduled events selling out.

The main festival pass will still be digital and based within our app. However, in celebration of the 10th year of the festival some festival goers may have commemorative gold wristbands.
We will send further details on how the festival passes will work and look closer to the time.

As the main festival pass is digital, consumers can sign up for the festival in your bar so they can get involved there and then! Those wanting the commeorative wrist bands can come an collect them seperately from one of our hubs. 


  • Venue to be listed on the DrinkUp.London website in the relevant LCW areas. 
  • Venue to be listed on the DrinkUp.London app which is downloaded to use as an area guide by every festival attendee. 
  • Venue information and serve details to be included in the listing. 
  • Full LCW bars announcement to be featured in a newsletter and across all social media platforms. 


We do not charge bars to be involved, but each one is cherry-picked by the DrinkUp.London team for their drink offering, service and general excellence – so if you make the list - we're delighted for you! 


The Cocktail Tours are the most popular part of LCW – they give thousands of people the chance to be more experimental with cocktails and discover venues they haven’t previously visited.

  • Venues need to offer a £6 bespoke cocktail for LCW festival pass holders. Please note, this has to be available without a dining reservation all week throughout your venue’s opening hours.

Venues are welcome to put forward up to three serves.

  • Signature Serve – £6 - Any style of cocktail you think best represents your venue.
  • Lower-ABV cocktail - £6 - This is any cocktail with no ingredients above 40% abv or a longer style cocktail with a maximum of 25mls of ingredients 40% abv.
  • Non-Alcoholic - £4 – Though not our biggest sellers this is good for press round ups and getting the word out if you are particularly proud of your non-alcoholic offering.

Venues are welcome to do one, two or three serves but cannot only do a non-alcohlic serve. 


Every Cloud

The Milky Punch is On Me - Milky bar infused Buffalo Trace bourbon, Cherry B, rainbow dust and clarified banana Yazoo garnished with a drumstick lolly. 
The Luggage Room
Bloomsbury - Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Litllet Blanc, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, orange & Angostura bitters, absinthe and lemon oils. 
Henson's Bar
Fair Point -  Amontillado Sherry, apple aperitif, FAIR coffee, black cardamom syrup and 3 dots of bulletproof coffee. 



There must be a catch?
Not at all, you don’t need to pay us anything, nor do we take a cut from the serves you sell. We just ask that we work together to make the festival the best it can be through cross promotion.

Can I put forward more than one cocktail for the tours?
Absolutely! However, venues that chose to offer a second cocktail will have to ensure this is a lower ABV or non-alcoholic cocktail to fit in with our mindful drinking campaign. Any venues wanting to offer even more cocktail options are welcome to do so, however, we will not be able to promote this, it would be a matter of promoting the other drink(s) internally and through your social media. 

Does my serve have to be available throughout my venue’s opening hours?
Yes - this will avoid the disappointment of our consumers.

My venue’s license requires people to eat if they buy an alcoholic drink, can I be on the cocktail tours?
Sadly not, the tours are just for drinks.

My venue is quite small so I'm not sure I can accommodate a group of more than four...
No problem, when you submit the form please include any T&Cs and we can promote this accordingly.

What about if a person comes in without a festival pass but wants the drink?
You are more than welcome to sell it to them but at a higher price point – please ensure the £6 offer is only for festival pass holders.

There is a group of four but they have one festival pass, do I give them four offers?
No, one festival pass equates to one offer. However the festival passes are digital and easy to download so we recommend encouraging them to register for the pass then and there. 

Can you tell me which other venues will be participating in the area? 
Unfortunately, we don’t have that information finalised pre-deadline. Do sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on any venue announcements. 

Can my venue host an event? 
We are only able to promote partner events with our official LCW sponsors. If you are keen to organise an event in association with LCW you are more than welcome to do so however, you will have to promote this through your own channels and social media. 

What if someone is very drunk, do I have to serve them?
No, normal bar rules apply.

Could you throw a couple of free festival passes for my team and I?
Trade get free festival passes – please check back for more details on how to register for these closer to the event. 

My venue is being built or being refurbished can I still be a part of the festival?
As long as your venue is completely open to the public by the deadline date, just so we know for sure it will be open for the festival. If there is any possibility of a later opening we cannot include your venue.

Can you include me in one of your newsletters?
We can’t guarantee this, as it is an editorial decision.

What if I get a private venue booking?
If this happens please let us know as soon as possible so we can promote accordingly. 

I don’t want to be part of the festival, can I still be listed on Drink Up London?
We can't guarantee this, the DrinkUp.London bar list has a different criteria from the festivals. Each venue requesting will be checked against this criteria individually.