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What We're Reading: The Periodic Table of Wine

Mapping wine by its colour, body and flavour, this informative little book will have you happily exploring and sipping in no time.

You can never take what you love too seriously. So says the author, Sarah Rowlands, of The Periodic Table of Wine. Which is excellent because we love wine and never take anything seriously. 

Already fans of the cocktail version by Emma Stokes we had high hopes for this easy-to-understand classification of wine which is billed as letting you discover new varities close in flavour and body as the ones you already enjoy. Luckily the book doesn't disappoint. 

The table itself works by breaking down wine in columns of colour and intensity of flavour while the rows break down the notes into wines with fruit and spice, floral and green and mineral. This way wines with similar body and taste find themselves side by side. Like a New Zealand Sauvignon? You'll probably find a Mâcon equally delicious. 


Once you've charted the table and found your niche the book then goes into depth on each type of wine, explaining the flavours you should find and recommending other similar wines to try. 

It's the type of reference you can come back to time and again, consulting it before going out to dinner or popping to the shops and it's incredibly approachable, even for novices who only know their preferences for white, red or rose. So useful it could just be the handbag staple...