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Summer Scotch Cocktails

Just because the sun is out it doesn’t mean you have to forsake your favourite spirit.

Today's whisky drinker is all about neat serves and short, sharp cocktails such as a Rob Roy or Bobby Burns. However Scotch has a long history of being served long with ice and water and mixed into cocktails. In fact whisky cocktails have been doing the rounds before the term cocktail even meant something. 

Pimm's Cup #2


While Pimm's Cup #1 might the drink the world sups each summer, there are in fact a few more numbers after #1. As this article is focusing on Scotch whisky we're stopping at #2 but more do follow. With added complexity from the Scotch this subtle twist is a delight in the sunshine. 

Mamie Taylor


Scotch, ginger syrup, lime, ginger ale. 

Hawiian Stone Sour


Scotch, pineapple, lemon, sugar.

Forest Highball


Traditionally made with Japanese Whisky this can twist with Scotch. Ingredients are Scotch and soda water. 

Cold Whisky Punch


Whisky, water, lemon juice and sugar.