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Escapism comes in many forms, and in many locations. Be it a true Caribbean bar, a San Francisco temple to Tiki or dirty dive bar in Paris.

Dirty Dick's - Paris


10 rue Frochot, 9e, Paris 

Time Out says: "So-Pi (South Pigalle) welcomes another hip new venue that’s injecting a more hipster vibe into the once totally down-at-heel area. Once a hostess bar (they’ve kept the name, evidently), the only phallic elements these days are the Polynesian totems scattered throughout the bar, which has a kitsch, exotic ‘tiki’ vibe (luxuriant plants, bamboo furniture and coloured lights, a fumoir full of stuffed animal heads) and lots of free-flowing rum – the sort of bar that flourished in the US after the end of Prohibition, but which has only now made it to Paris... Dirty Dick is slightly bonkers and super fun – So-Pi can celebrate."

Mahiki - London


1 Dover St, London, W1S 4LD

Squaremeal says "The rum-based sundowners served at this beachcomber bar/late-night party pit are still ace. Served in all manner of kitsch containers, various leftfield looseners such as Honolulu Honey, Coconut Grenade and Baron's Samedi's Brew pack a hefty punch, while Bikini Blast (in an 'atomic watermelon') should suit any Atomic Kittens in the house. Mere mortals "can't get enough of the funky cups", although Cristal-laced Treasure Chests are perhaps best left to flash footballers and hedge funders who won't blink at the £670 price tag. Service is "bubbly", and there are exotic nibbles if you're interested (crab sliders, voodoo chicken wings etc)."

Three Dots and a Dash - Chicago


435 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654

Time Out says "First of all, you won’t realize how much you were missing perfectly made tiki drinks in your life until you have one here. Since Trader Vic’s closed in 2011, there hasn’t been a dedicated tiki bar in the city, and we’ve needed one. These aren’t frozen daiquiris dispensed from a machine—at Three Dots, bartender Paul McGee’s menu is divided into classic and modern tiki drinks...while you should definitely try the rum drinks, like the passionfruit-tinged Painkiller No. 3, a modern concoction rounded out with cream, or the classic Pago Pago, an almost vegetal drink with green chartreuse, pineapple and crème de cacao, you should also try the non-rum drinks for something different. I’m partial to the Saturn, a classic tiki drink made with gin, passionfruit, lemon, falernum and almond, which provide spice and nutty notes. Aloha, Mexico is a tequila-based drink, with tamarind, genever, pineapple and Hellfire bitters, which scorch the back of your throat."

Trailer Happiness - London


177 Portobello Road, London, W11 2DY

Evening Standard says "This intimate lounge bar and cocktail den was one of the first in town to really take the Tiki revival to its logical conclusion. Knowingly kitsch, and hopefully tongue-in-cheek, Trailer Happiness serves impressively traditional rum cocktails committed to the Californian bartending scene of the 1960s."

Molokai Lounge at the Mai Kai - Fort Lauderdale


3599 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Smuggler's Cove - San Francisco


650 Gough St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Time Out says "With an extensive menu of complex cocktails and an interior worthy of a movie set, it's not hard to understand why Smuggler's Cove is one of the most lauded tiki bars in the world. Patrons plunge straight into a pirate fantasy as they gaze at the three-story interior bedecked with a ship's bow, large anchors, mermaid carvings and even a waterfall. But the fanciful decor belies a sophisticated cocktail program. The hefty drinks list, contained in a thick binder, showcases traditional Caribbean libations and specialty creations from other famous tiki bars."