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Why Do I Need An LCW Pass?

The biggest celebration of cocktail culture in the world is back! Here's all the reasons you NEED to be involved!

Still just priced at £10, the week-long Cocktail Week pass will get you access to bespoke £6 cocktails in more than 250 of the best bars in London for all 7 days of the festival!
Since Cocktail Week 2016 we’ve been busy building tech that’ll make your London Cocktail Week even easier. Getting involved is as simple as downloading the DrinkUp.London app, buying and activating your pass – and then - you’re good to go!
No more wristbands, no more queueing, no more hand drawn maps (which we know were charming, but not terribly accurate!)

The whole festival now lives within our free DrinkUp.London app.  

You can view each bar’s signature drink, you can search for bars to visit by area or type, you can find the bar that is nearest to you RIGHT NOW - and you can access £6 cocktails all week just by flashing the Digital Pass in the app - which will be personalised with your photograph. Just make sure you’ve charged your phone!
Let’s recap.


  • Unlimited £6 cocktails in more than 250 bars across the week
  • Exclusive discounts in bars, restaurants and ticketed events
  • Access to advanced booking for The Cocktail Village 2017

Essentially it’s your key to the city for the whole week, making you a part of the festival.