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Bethnal Green

Simon Thompson
I've lived and spent most of my time in Shoreditch for a few years now. Recently, however, I've branched out down to Bethnal Green a lot. At the moment, it's my favourite place to go boozing. There's a great range of venues opened up in the last couple of years and the place is really thriving at the moment and it's all driven by quality venues. More than I could mention here.
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    Satan's Whiskers


    343 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9RA


    Mon-Sun 5pm-Midnight

    I've never had anything less than a perfect drink in here. I'm drinking a Garibaldi because it's early and it's delicious. I'm all about atmosphere in bars. Too many places get it completely wrong. Satan's does not. Their music policy is among the best around. The best Hip Hop playlists I know of. Next up, it's a short walk to...

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    Sager + Wilde Paradise Row


    250 Paradise Row, London, E2 9LE


    Wed-Thu 6pm-Midnight Fri-Sun Midday-Midnight

    There are several things I love about Mission. 1, the food is fantastic. 2, since Marcis and Alix got involved, they've got arguably the best cocktail list in London. 3, there's loads of outside seating (I smoke a lot so this is a deal breaker for me). I still haven't tried everything on that cocktail list yet, so I'm ordering something I've not yet tried. No doubt it'll be banging. Couple of bevvies in here, then it's a 5 minute walk to...

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    The Sun Tavern


    441 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AN


    Mon-Wed Midday-Midnight, Thu-Sat Midday-1am, Sun Midday-Midnight

    If you told me that for the rest of my life I could only drink in cocktail bars, or pubs, I'd choose pubs all day long. The Sun is probably my favourite in London at the minute. Dying are the days of the old mans pub with Fosters on tap and a random bottle of Grand Marnier on the back bar that's been sitting there since the mid 80s. The Sun is a modern day version of the pub. Top beers on tap, a fantastic back bar selection and a group of friendly (and dangerous) staff who know their booze. I'm having a pint and a shot of Poitín every half an hour until the lads tell me to go home. My happy place.


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