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Cocktails on Old Street

Sasha Filimonov
While Old Street is the heart of the startup/tech scene in London, it is also the doorstep to some of London’s best bars. And though the big ol’ roundabout isn’t the most charming of vistas to set off from, dig a bit deeper and you’re in for big boozy bliss.
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    Happiness Forgets


    8-9 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU


    Mon-Wed 5pm-11pm Thu 5pm-11.30pm Fri-Sat 5pm-Midnight Sun 5pm-11pm

    Now I’m lucky enough to call this my local seeing as my front door is actually about a 45-second walk from the bar, but this narrow, softly lit basement bar oozes so much atmosphere that you’ll instantly feel at home no matter if you’re a first-timer or a tried-and-true local. The short menu is is inspired by the classics with perfectly executed serves that come out with no frills but all of the taste. Service here is unfailingly friendly and if you’re on a date, then this place brings the good vibes. It’s a seated-only affair with only a few handfuls of tables so don’t expect to rock up with a group of ten on a Friday night – but once you’ve rested your rump and are sipping back within these walls, the rest is pure magic.

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    129 City Road, London, EC1V 1JB


    Mon-Wed 6pm-1am Thu 6pm-2am Fri-Sat 6pm-3am Sun 6pm-1am

    This one requires some foresight as you’ll struggle to get yourself onto a table any night of the week without a booking. However that bit of pre-planning is more than worth it, because once you head down those darkened stairs – you’re in for a sumptuous speakeasy treat. With nightly live music that’ll bring you right back to the Prohibition era and cocktails filled with mystical ingredients, it’s a truly unique drinking experience that’s rightfully considered one of the world’s best. And don’t be daunted by the epic book that is their cocktail list, just share your flavour likes/dislikes with your oh so charming waiter/waitress and he/she will be more than happy to advise you in the right direction. A drink made with plankton air -- why the hell not?

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    Loves Company


    104 City Road, London, EC1V 1NR


    Mon-Wed 1pm-11pm Thu 1pm-Midnight Fri 1pm-2am Sat 6pm-2am Sun 6pm-11pm

    If you’re looking to end your night in a truly debaucherous fashion, then look no further than one of my favourite late night party bars: Loves Company. Behind the stick you’ll find a talented team who can bash out any of your beloved tipples but they’re also there to make sure you have a damn. good. time. And while you may not remember much in the morning, feel safe in the knowledge that was the most fun you could have had any night of the week. Little tip? Order yourself a toastie (or three) before the booze really kicks in. Eating is NOT cheating folks. And dancing is the dish of the day.


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