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Jane Ryan
Only in London's chaotic centre could you start with lashings of wine and cheese before sipping on sake and discussing the wonders of bidets, until you've ultimately found yourself in a glamorous hotel bar sipping rare whisky. Do it with a date, a gaggle of friends or fall down the rabbit hole by yourself...
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    Seven Tales at Sosharu


    64 Turnmill Street, London, EC1M 5RR


    Mon-Thu 12.00-23.00 Fri-Sat 12.00-00.00 Sun CLOSED

    Long gone is the pretty French cafe, instead say hello to this neon-lit Japanese basement bar where sake reins supreme and frowns are very literally turned upside-down. Drinks are as inventive as they come and are off-the-chart tasty, just let your server guide you through the wonderful tastes of downtown Tokyo. Get playful, louder and a bit grittier and be sure to press every button in the toilet. Woosh.

  • End Here

    Scarfes Bar


    252 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7EN


    Mon-Sun 12.00-01.00

    One more, no more, it's time for a nightcap and where better to order one than this sumptuous hotel bar in Holborn where glamorous Americans perch at the bar quaffing dirty Martinis. Their spirit range is staggering so pick your poison, whether its a sharp bang to end the night or a slow and sweet sipper, and nudge your way into one of those grandfather armchairs. Perfection.


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