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Cocktail Trading Co. Brick Lane

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68 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6GQ


+44 20 7427 6097

Opening Times

Mon-Wed 4pm-11.30pm
Thu-Sat 4pm-Midnight
Sun 4pm-10.30pm

Insider Information

LBW 2017 Offer...

Enjoy an Irish Ginger Snap Shandy at Cocktail Trading Co. for just £6 throughout London Beer Week.

Please note; this offer is only available Mon-Fri 5pm-11.30pm, Sat-Sun 10am-11.30pm

On Sunday 19th March, add a Breakfast Muffin to go alongside your Shandy for just £8.

Part of

The Nudge
The Nudge Says...

The Cocktail Trading Co - who very recently closed their temporary Soho bar - have just opened a bigger, better, boozier flagship in Brick Lane...Of course they're still serving their signature mind-bending cocktails/art pieces, and the space itself is still devastatingly dark, moody and handsome (largely thanks to the combination of a rustic stone floor with a beautiful wood-panelled celling).

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Barchick Says...

We’ve seen it all with these guys…we’re talking drinks served in wellies, Chinese take-out boxes and graveyards. Seriously, miniature graveyards. The mix up insane drinks using smoked marshmallow syrup and have a laugh with party poppers, candyfloss and maple bacon noodles as garnishes and this place doesn’t disappoint. Dentures in your drink? You got it. You can’t go wrong bringing a hot date here, especially if you wanna test their fun game. Perfect too for catching up with your crew, getting in some killer drinks before a big night or even to bring your Mumma if she knows how to have a good time.

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Square Meal
Square Meal Says...

It’s a tiny but on-the-ball space, with the spotlight on heroically eccentric experiments such as the ludicrous Instaspam: an apple brandy, cherry and hazelnut liqueur and orange blossom Sour layered with ice cream and served in a Spam tin...Classicists might shun such contrived novelties, but strip away all the CTC trademark gaga garnishes and you’ll discover nicely balanced drinks that work equally well naked. And bartenders will do you a darn fine Martini, Manhattan or Sazerac, 100% fuss-free.

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Come Down With Me 

Location The CocktailTrading Co., 68 Bethnal Green Road, London, E16GQ
Date 19/03/2017

Cocktail Trading Co - A Year of Success 

Cocktail Trading Co is a heart-warming success story of three London bartenders launching their own brand. With genuinely lovely chaps at the helm it’s gone from strength to strength and is finally landing in East London this coming January.

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