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Craft Brewing in London


London's craft breweries are getting involved with London Beer Week.

Our capital is home to more breweries, tap rooms and brewpubs than ever before. In fact the last 15 years has seen staggering growth for London’s brewing industry and as a result we’ve got a lot more innovative, well-made and delicious local beer to drink.

With a rich past and plenty of well-loved and famous brews, from established brands such as Fuller’s to up and coming stars like Meantime, it’s little wonder that London does beer so well. The best way to experience this? Get up and close to the breweries, taste the ales in the tap rooms, the lagers in the brewpubs and meet the men and women doing outstanding work across the London landscape.


There are plenty of small and craft breweries to discover. Take a stroll along the famed Bermondsey Beer Mile to meet local brewers and drink directly from the source. Time it for Saturday and snack from Maltby Street Market before heading down to see Brew By Numbers, The Kernel, Partizan and Fourpure. 

Across town breweries are opening their taprooms for the Beer Tours and serving £3 local brews, such as London Fields Brewery and Meantime Brewery. Further along the canal you’ll find Crate Brewery – a charming waterside brewery serving pizza alongside an incredible array of craft beers from local breweries including their own beer – who are hosting events running from Monday to Thursday to explore IPAs, dark beers, pale beer and sours. You can also enjoy a discounted Fuller's Brewery tour with your LBW wristband.

There’s simply loads of craft and small time breweries to explore this LBW and plenty of delectable local brews to taste. See all the events featuring London brewers right here.


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